Top 10 most annoying things about Zoom meetings

Top 10 most annoying things about Zoom meetings

by Casey Kociolek, Staff reporter

For over a month now, Simpson students have been stuck at home. For some, it has been a hard adjustment. Zoom was the resource chosen for students and professors to hold class. But it hasn’t been an easy adjustment for both students and professors. Here’s our top 10 most annoying things about Zoom meetings.

10.) The paywall.

Nothing like trying to get in a Zoom meeting with a group of friends and only being able to chat with them for 30 minutes until you all get kicked off.

9.) Not meeting in person for classes.

Who would have thought that this was on the list? Not meeting in person has been a weird adjustment to say the least, but there is something to be said about being away from a physical classroom.

8.) The lag.

Being stuck staring at a laptop screen for most of a day can be hard enough, but when you mix in slow internet when everyone is working from home, it’s not fun.

7.) Forgetting to unmute yourself

There is always one person in every zoom meeting that does this. No one is safe from it.

6.) The audio.

Not everyone has access to a top-of-the-line microphone that picks up crystal clear audio, which is fine, but mixing that with a lag can make it hard to understand someone.

5.) Clothing.

Yes, we know that you have not done an actual load of laundry in weeks. Yes, we know that you are still in what you slept in for 8 a.m. classes.

4.) Children.

This one goes out to anyone that has small children in the place where you are practicing social distancing. We love to see small humans peek through on the camera, but I am sure having them constantly craving your attention makes it hard to be on Zoom.

3.) Recording.

Why show up to class anymore when you can just record a lesson beforehand and have your students watch it later?

2.) Plants

Some of us started growing plants during this social distancing period, but Zoom classrooms do not seem like the appropriate time to show off our little plant babies.

1.) The lack of pets.

Seriously, the sheer lack of not seeing every pet is the most annoying thing I can think of. Zoom gave us a resource to share our furry companions, we should be able to utilize it to show them off.

This list was not a list to take seriously. We are all suffering during this time and it was not the way that our seniors wanted to end their time at Simpson. The best we can do is find a little humor within our current situation.