Senior Spotlight: Danielle Johnson


by Casey Kociolek, Staff reporter

Where are you from?

I’m from a teeny-tiny town called Rippey, Iowa.

What was the deciding factor for coming to Simpson?

The music program was the reason I decided to come here, particularly because it’s the only fully undergraduate opera program so I would have a chance at more role opportunities.

What are you involved in at Simpson?

I was involved [in] a lot of things. The opera, of course, but also all the Simpson choirs over my four years, WSS, Simpson Feminists, Trio and PRIDE.

What was your favorite memory during your time at Simpson?

It’s so hard to choose just one! Honestly, this might be a bit cheesy, but it might be the night I first met my partner. My friends and I were out in Des Moines having fun the night before Easter, and I ended up pulling an all-nighter hanging out with them and then later my eventual partner.

Other than schoolwork, what have you been doing to help past the time while social distancing?

Honestly? Napping and YouTube.

What was your initial reaction to finding out Simpson was moving online?

Unpopular opinion, but initially I was excited. I was sad that I wasn’t going to see my friends, but I’m with my partner and his family, and I was excited to have more time with them. At the time, I also thought it would be more relaxing and chill but boy, was I wrong about that!

What has been the hardest thing about your classes moving online?

The hardest thing has honestly been not seeing my friends in person. I’d been so busy this whole year, and things were beginning to wind down, so I finally had the time to truly focus on my friends, and unfortunately, that was taken from me. However, I will state that I will pay the price to keep everyone safe. Please wash your hands and stay away from people! Social distancing does not equal house parties, and I see y’all on your snap stories. Don’t be stupid! We’re all in this together, it sucks for everyone, but we really need to look out for each other, okay?