30 ways to stay busy during quarantine


by Kimberly Roberts, Staff reporter

  1. Journal
  2. Write letters to your friends
  3. Make a Tik Tok
  4. Start a vlog
  5. Do homework
  6. Spring clean
  7. Do a face mask
  8. Start a new hobby 
  9. Play a video game
  10. Create an ultimate bucket list
  11. Write a thank-you note to important people in your life
  12. Read a book 
  13. Create a vision board
  14. Learn to cook 
  15. Bake something new
  16. Learn a foreign language
  17. Do an inside photoshoot 
  18. Binge-watch your favorite tv show 
  19. Paint a canvas
  20. Get outside 
  21. Play your favorite board game
  22.  Write a book 
  23. Netflix party with friends
  24. Try a new DIY off of Pinterest
  25. Learn to play an instrument 
  26. Dye your hair 
  27. Draw
  28. Write a song
  29. Update your resume
  30. Practice a new hairstyle or makeup style