8 thoughts during midterms as told by ‘Parks and Rec’


by Laura Wiersema, News Editor |[email protected]

How are we at midterms already?

Just when you think you’ve gotten settled into a routine, midterms hit you out of nowhere. You could have sworn winter break finished up a week ago. More importantly, you’re probably wondering how you made it this far.

How do I have three papers due and two tests all on the same day?

Sometimes it seems like the professors forget that you have other classes. “I’m sorry. You’re right; your class is the ONLY one I have work for. My bad.” Sleep becomes foreign as you pull all-nighters days in a row in attempts to finish your assignments.

Wikipedia is a reliable source, right?

Desperation for papers always seems to lead to the same place: Wikipedia. Such a wealth of knowledge college students are forbidden to take advantage of. If only citing it was acceptable. Until it is, take advantage of Dunn Library’s free resources at http://simpson.edu/library/.

Is it too late to drop this class?

For many students, midterms are a time to evaluate whether or not the class they’re not doing so hot in is worth it. Can you kick it into gear and rally from the bad grade? Midterms happen right before the deadline for withdrawing from classes, March 23.

I should pay someone to write this paper for me.

As tempting as it may be, plagiarism is not the answer. And let’s be real, you don’t have money to spare for that anyway. You’re doing well to afford groceries every week. If you’re feeling especially hopeless, never fear! The Writing Center is available for assistance.

It is absolutely necessary that I check my social media every five minutes.

You’re at the point where you’ll do anything to avoid studying or getting work done. It’s important to take breaks, just don’t let them get the best of you. Keep trucking through and, eventually, this will all be over.

I’m only halfway through the semester.

That’s right. You have to survive this length of time all over again once spring break is over. Too bad all your motivation is already gone. Use spring break to your advantage. Catch up on sleep and recharge for the home stretch.

Spring break is right around the corner.

Once midterms are over, spring break is waiting for you to run into its carefree arms. You can practically feel the sun on your face and the sand between your toes already. With an incentive like this, it’s a little easier to keep going.