Club of the Week: Black Student Union


Photo by Randy Paulson/The Simpsonian

by Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

The Simpson College chapter of the Black Student Union was established just three years ago and is looking forward to its best year yet.

Current President Linda Ramseur, a junior studying criminal justice, founded Simpson’s Black Student Union three years ago, and now she’s preparing for another year. Ramseur described the Black Student Union as “a diverse place of inclusion on campus that offers a safe place for African-American students when they don’t feel they belong.”

Simpson has seen an increase of non-white students with this year’s freshman class rounding the number to around 173 students on campus. One of the goals of the Black Student Union is to get more of these students to join the organization. They hope to reach out and have a stronger presence on campus.

The Black Student Union has many activities planned for the year. Some of these activities include game nights, trivia nights and the organization’s third annual die-in.

Ramseur described a die-in as a protest against police brutality.

“Students from different organizations come and lay on the floor in solidarity for the people that have lost their lives to police brutality,” she said.

Ramseur said this protest is effective because students will be able to learn about how victims felt during the end of their lives.

“It makes a deeper connection to people so they understand why it means to stand with Black Lives Matter. It also helps with cultural awareness when interacting with a diverse population that has felt this pain time and time again,” Ramseur said.

The Black Student Union also plans on hosting workshops on diversity, inclusion and privilege and maybe even a big party at some point during the academic year.

Ramseur said students interested in joining the Black Student Union will learn how and what it means to be culturally aware.

“They’ll learn how to interact with people outside and even inside their race better,” said Ramseur.

Any students interested in joining the Black Student Union are encouraged to follow its Facebook page at Simpson College Black Student Union or email Linda Ramseur at [email protected]. Meeting dates and times are to be announced.