Beem eyes 10,000-person crowd to mark milestone in career


(Photo: Alex Kirkpatrick, Digital Editor/The Simpsonian)

by Andri Papanicolas, Staff Reporter

INDIANOLA, Iowa — Senior Jordan Beem has gone through ups and downs throughout his music career. He has performed for “The X Factor” and “The Voice.” He is smiling when he shares the experience. Though the music industry is hard, Beem appreciates any opportunities that might come his way.

Beem is 21 years old from Altoona, majoring in history at Simpson College. While he’s well known on the gridiron as a running back for the Simpson Storm, Beem has other talents that he is itching to do.

He gets enthusiastic when he talks about his gigs.

The Farmers’ Market in Des Moines is one the country’s biggest, and Beem said he loved to perform there.

“You meet tons of people there, the environment there is amazing,” he said.

Beem is an outgoing person who likes to meet all sorts of people. That is one the reasons why he likes to perform to larger audience.

But when asked if he ever gets stage fright, a confident Beem responded no unless “you are singing the national anthem.”

“You just can’t mess that up,” Beem laughed.

Beem said an Indianola crowd can be warm and friendly. His goal is to play for 10,000 people and sell his music.

Simpson has helped Beem grow as an artist.

“Simpson is a good community to be an artist,” he said. “They help you spread the word and are always supportive.”

He has met many other artists and made a network of people. Like any other musician, he is prepared to be broke in the beginning of his career, but that is something that he has made peace with.

His big idol is John Mayer. Although Beem has never been to any of the “Gravity” singer’s concerts, Mayer is still his greatest inspiration. One of his goals for this year is to see him live.

“He is a great singer and performer and a guitar singer,” Beem said. “He is a great anything.”

With a lot of things on his plate, Beem is not afraid to dream big even if that means moving a long way from home.

This year, Beem will be singing gigs in Iowa for as long as he can. He dreams of moving to Nashville, dubbed the music capital of the world.

“It is a good a place to be for a singer,” he said.

The plan is to move there by the end of 2017. He got inspired after a visit during New Year’s Eve.

“I just loved it,” he said.

After finishing his football career at Simpson, he is ready to spend his time on music and teach history. To combine those two would be perfect, he said.

If you want to experience this aspiring young artist live, Beem will be playing at 8 p.m. on Jan. 28 at The Sports Page in Indianola.

“Come to the gig if you like beer, friends and food,” he said.