6 cheap gifts for your college roommate


by Ashley Dalsing, Special to The Simpsonian

With winter break upon us, we are going to be away from our roommates for a long time before we head back to school for the spring semester.

What better way to fill the time apart with a gift they can use to remind them of you?

I’m sure you’re asking yourself right now, “How will I be able to afford gifts for my roommates?”

Fear no more. You can find cheap, inexpensive items for all of your roommates that will keep your bank account happy.

1). A Flask

For all you guys out there purchasing a flask for your roommates or buddies is the perfect way to show them how much you care.

You can purchase a flask from as low as $6 on Amazon.com.

2). Love Your Melon Beanies

A bit on the pricier side, but not only are you giving a hat to your roommates, you’re giving a hat to a child battling cancer in America as well as supporting the nonprofit organizations that lead the fight against pediatric cancer.

Not only will you feel great about getting such a great gift, you’ll feel even better knowing you helped out a great cause and lifted the spirits of a child battling this terrible illness.

Head over to loveyourmelon.com to purchase your beanies.

3). A Planner

Is your roommate particularly organized and loves to plan or completely unorganized and struggles with planning or staying on top of things? There is nothing better than giving the gift of organization and planning with a planner.

Check out Amazon or Target for inexpensive and creative planners.

4). Customized Canvas or Ornament

Are you someone who is crafty and loves to make personal gifts for people? Why not make a customized canvas with your roommate’s favorite quote or saying? You can even create a holiday ornament with a picture or favorite memory you have with that person. It’s a great way to be personal with gift giving.

5). Music, Movie or TV Show Poster

Almost everyone watches TV, movies or listens to music. I’m sure one of your roommates watches a TV show or movie or listens to a certain album that they can recite about every line and lyric from the top of their head.

There is nothing better than giving them a poster they can hang up on in their bedroom or in the living room that reminds them of their favorite TV show, movie or musician.

Check out Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target and other online sites for discounted and inexpensive posters.

6). Movies or Books

Everyone loves watching movies and there are a lot of others who love to read books. If you know your roommates and friends well enough, you should have no problem picking these items out because you know what they like.

Check out Amazon, Half-Priced Books or even Goodwill for cheap and inexpensive books and movies.