Puppies take over campus to fetch smiles, cuddles from students

by Jayde Vogeler, Photography Editor

Is there a better way to de-stress than to play with puppies all day?

Sigma Lambda Gamma brought various dogs on campus Wednesday for several hours from Second Chance Dog Rescue.

For a little bit of money, people could spend 30-60 minutes of playtime with puppies of all shapes and sizes.

SLG created the event to help raise money for the local animal shelter according to SLG’s Facebook page event. The money goes toward dogs’ care in the shelter, as there are no paid employees, according to Second Chance Dog Rescue’s website.

Junior Alexis Vargas, historian for SLG, said the colony is trying to get the dog shelter as their local philanthropy, a commitment only to the Simpson College colony and not nationwide.

Sigma Lambda Gamma’s national philanthropy fundraises for breast cancer and supports TRIO, a service that supports students with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Second Chance Dog Rescue is located in Prole approximately 13 miles northwest of Indianola. Its priority is to take dogs in and give them a home, which is often a dog’s last chance. The shelter takes in any dog regardless of size, age, sex or breed.

All puppies at the event are up for adoption. If interested in adopting, visit http://www.secondchancedogrescueofiowa.com for more information.