First-day-of-class feels you can’t deny


by Alex Kirkpatrick, Digital Editor

1) Finding the right outfit is a drag:

nothing to wear

2) But once you do find an outfit that’s on fleek:

first day of school outfit

3) When you see freshmen walking into the wrong class:

4) Going over syllabi (which seem to be longer each year):


5) Because literally everything goes into them:


6) Knowing this is inevitable:

college student

7) When the professor calls you out:

professor calls on you

8) Seeing a cute guy/girl when you walk in:

place to sit

9) “Why did you take this course?”

just here for the credit

10) Taking a collaborative leadership course, meaning group work:


11) Seeing someone you’ve been trying to avoid:


12) Going to your room afterwards: peace and quiet

13) Putting homework, responsibilities and thoughts away, because pizza:

forever hungry