Baseball team has four new faces, all transferred from same school


by Erich Bogner, Sports Reporter

Four Simpson baseball players played baseball together at Midland last season.

Jared Herzog, Trevor Dudar, Trevor Luther and Jon Greiner all decided to transfer to Simpson after a year at Midland.

Sophomore Jared Herzog was the first to decide Simpson was a place he wanted to be.

“Trevor and Trevor and I were actually roommates at Midland, and we got along great and are best friends. Living with them was the best part about Midland.”

Herzog said, “We did everything together, and when we weren’t in class we were most likely in our room playing video games or just hanging out because there was basically nothing to do around there. I decided I was transferring at semester with about a month left and began the process of talking them into coming to Simpson with me because I knew they would love it there.”

Trevor Luther transferred to SWICC after his first semester at Midland and Trevor Dudar stayed at Midland. Herzog talked Trevor Dudar into transferring to Simpson, and the two of them got Trevor Luther to come to Simpson.

It wasn’t until the NCAA athletes meeting at the beginning of the year that the three found out Jon Greiner was at Simpson.

“I didn’t know he was coming to Simpson and heard he was leaving a week before I left, and I put two and two together. We had our NCAA meeting, and I was like Johnny boy,” Herzog said. “Baseball was different because there was like 80 something kids on the team, and the coach made you want to quit baseball. Here Coach Blake is absolutely awesome and really willing to actually work with you on things. You can talk to him about anything, and he makes you feel welcomed. The bond we have on the team here at Simpson is amazing, everyone gets along great, for the most part we are always doing stuff together. At Midland there were cliques. I hated that part the most because these kids didn’t know what a team was.”

All four seem to be enjoying Simpson and baseball now. Changing schools is never easy, they said, but having three familiar faces helps.