Water aerobics makes a splash


by Becca Harris/Staff Writer

Students are turning to a new form of exercise for a fun, exciting way to get in shape this school year.

Water aerobics classes started on Jan. 11, but there is still plenty of time to get in and catch up. 

Nicole Darling, director of intramurals, hopes that the classes will continue to grow in numbers as the class opens up to more and more people.

“We have a variety of instructors, so the classes will always be fun and exciting,” Darling said.

The classes are split between the deep end and shallow end of the pool, allowing space for multiple exercises and routines. This offers something new and different weekly.

There are a variety of participants in the class and that the class is open to everyone from students, faculty and staff to their spouses and to alumni.

Darling said IM is always looking for instructors to lead the courses as well. The training process is minimal.

“Most of the time our staff has had experience in teaching or participating in a class,” Darling said.

Sophomore Allie Walker is a new addition to the list of teachers. She was a participant last year in the aerobics class and found it too fun to leave behind, so she decided to help teach the workout to others looking for the same outlet.

Walker said joining the aerobics staff was easy. A campus-wide e-mail is sent out every year looking for people who might be interested in teaching. One of her friends also encouraged her to try it.

“I really like exercising in the water,” Walker said. “It’s a fun, easy and effective way to get a good workout.”

Walker says that water aerobics is very easy to learn, even if students do not know how to swim.

Sophomore Janine Kobylinski is also a new addition to the instruction team. Like Walker, Kobylinski participated in water aerobics last year. She was also a swimmer at Simpson, so she thought she could offer a few more techniques to those looking to get a workout in the pool.Kobylinski previously taught some water aerobics classes over the summer in her home of Waseca, Minn. While teaching there, she was doing it to make some extra money, but here it’s all about making people feel good about what they’re doing.

“It isn’t very hard, and it is a lot of fun to interact with other Simpson students,” Kobylinski said. “It’s just nice to take a break from homework and get in the water for an hour to work out.”

Classes are offered Monday through Friday from 9-10 p.m. in Cowles.