Behind the Athlete: Mike Huyser


Hometown?Indianola, Iowa

Sport you play at Simpson?Baseball

Soda of choice?Diet Mountain Dew

If you could play a different position, which one would it be?Probably DH so I could drop bombs like my mentor Tyler “Big Sexy” Larson

First concert you went to?Brad Paisley sometime during

Summer plans?Work at either Echo Valley Country Club or at The Sports Page and play in a summer baseball league

What is your major?Marketing

Least favorite thing about baseball?Baseline sprints and getting no love for my power at the plate

Pre-meet ritual or lucky charm?Playing with Chris “Watchdog” Dorff, doing things in 3’s and me and Jason Uhlenhake always have to show Coach Blake and the catchers how to do a catcher’s pop up before the first game.