Sesquicentennial Countdown Begins

by Tyler Utzka

Simpson’s Sesquicentennial Celebration is edging closer to its launch, and the kickoff party is right around the corner.

“This year should be like nothing else we have ever experienced,” Steven Ramsey, senior class senator and sesquicentennial committee co-chair, said.

Simpson’s 150th Celebrations Committee, SGA and CAB have already planned many events for the college’s landmark year. One event was the fireworks show during Stand Around the first Sunday students moved back to campus. The organizations listed above are also willing and excited to hear any ideas students have about other ways to celebration Simpson’s sesquicentennial year.

“We can get away with a lot more this year than we probably can (compared to) a lot of other years,” Ramsey said. “The sky is the limit this year when it comes to what we can do.”

On Sept. 24 an altered class schedule will be in place in order for students to join in on the picnic celebration at the Quadrangle in front of College Hall. The event will be from noon to 2 p.m., and all students, faculty and staff, as well as Indianola community members, are invited to attend.

“The picnic will occur on the actual 150th anniversary of our first day of classes,” Vice President for College Advancement Bob Lane said.

There will be live music from Simpson’s pep band along with the Sonny Humbucker Band. The Sonny Humbucker Band has four members, and three of those members are part of the Simpson faculty. Those three professors are David Wolf, Mark Juffernbruch and Mark Green.

The highlight of the picnic will be the burial of the time capsule. The capsule, which will be filled with videos and photos of current student-life, will be opened in 50 years when Simpson celebrates the its bicentennial.

“Every student gets a chance to put something in the time capsule, and most of them have plans to be there when it is opened on Simpson’s bicentennial,” Jim Thorius, vice president for student development and dean of students, said.

The time capsule will be buried on the south side of College Hall near the Simpson gates, and it will be covered with a sesquicentennial seal.

The college will also be planting 15 maple trees across campus. Each tree represents one decade of Simpson’s existence.

While the entire campus is invited to the celebration, it is not limited to only faculty, staff and students.

“We have also invited the community to join us as Indianola has played an important role in our founding as well as our history,” Lane said.

Many people involved in the planning and preparation of the sesquicentennial said that they expect to see a large number of people attend. Simpson has not had such a large celebration since the 125th celebration in 1985.

“Not only will the students have a good time, but this is an historic day for the college, our students, faculty, alumni and friends,” Lane said.

Thorius encourages everyone to come out and take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“You only get the chance to celebrate your 150th once,” Thorius said. “Join the fun, and let’s have a party.”