Finish Curriculum Transition All the Way

by Simpsonian Staff

For the past few years, as every other curriculum article has noted, the faculty and administration at Simpson have been working hard to transition into the new Engaged Citizenship Curriculum (ECC).

The race to the finish line for this curriculum crap is just around the corner – all we need to do is finish strong in the straightaway. However, finishing strong can be overrated, so why should we do it?

The administration recently announced that the proposed schedule changes for next year, the same year that the new ECC will begin, would not be implemented. During a faculty meeting last month, the faculty voted and agreed on a schedule that would work for teachers and students – that agreed upon document was then recommended to the administration for the final say.

The final say was that the schedule changes would not be fully implemented in the fall of 2011.

The outcome: Students will be rewarded more credit hours for the same amount of class time as years prior to that with the ECC. Today, traditional students have two and a half hours worth of class time for each class and receive three credit hours. Next year, four credit hours will be given for those two and a half hours of class time.

The Simpsonian staff recognizes that enhancing and enriching the educational experience through curriculum changes is tricky and time-consuming, but we’d also like to see Simpson finish this adjustment with flexing muscles – let’s get this done!

After all this work has been put in by everyone; faculty, staff, students and administration, we think that it wouldn’t be too much to ask to have everything be finished and ready to go at once. Simpson has the ability to get this issue taken care of and we’d like to see that perseverance shine through so, like you, these curriculum articles will be over.