West of E Street takes prize again


by Kelsey Hagelberg

Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted the third annual talent show on Saturday, Feb. 12 where nine performances took place in hopes of winning the $300 first place prize.

“It’s going to be fun to see if Simpson’s Got Talent,” sophomore Nicole Gilbert said.

The Brenton Student Center’s front row seats were composed of many Sam Elsner and Braden Everding fans, both of whom are juniors. The flyers around campus were hard to miss and built up hype in favor of the duo.

“Apparently Sam and Braden are a pretty big deal, and I’m here to see if they can pull the anticipation off,” sophomore Mary Houangsavanh said.

Prior to Elsner and Everding’s performance they attempted to shower the crowd in balloons.

Some participants were returning guests who were loudly greeted by the crowd, but there were also a few experiencing their debut.

Juniors Kaleb Livingston and Jim Stessman accompanied junior Rory Hennessey with guitars while Hennessey sang the song “Simple Man.”

A piano battle between senior Zach Rohlwing and junior Kevin Rice received many laughs from the large audience. Rohlwing was dressed in a suit and tie while Rice posed as a drunk man. The two men finally showed their compliance at the end of the performance where they both played the piano together.

The crowd went wild when junior Tyson Wirtz introduced the next performers, the infamous duo of Sam and Braden. The men took the stage in matching black v-necks and tight, black skinny jeans. Everding grew a pair of breasts and blonde hair for the reenactment of “You’re the One That I Want” by Grease characters Sandy and Danny.

Last year’s returning winners, West of E Street blew the crowd away as the sang “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” Sophomore Jesse Stewart quickly showed the crowd that he was no amateur guitarist when he played the guitar from behind his head.

The talent show had a good turnout as students were given many different spectacular performances. Each of the performers brought different strengths to the stage.

“The talent show is a great way for students to showcase their talents and for others to see their fellow students in a different atmosphere,” Wirtz said.

Wirtz took the stage after two minutes of voting time. The trio of Livingston, Stessman and Hennessey placed third with the prize of $100. For the third year in the row, Elsner and Everding claimed second place and the $200. Earning first place and the $300 prize for the second year in a row was group West of E Street.