Holy Grounds to hold open house

Holy Grounds to hold open house

by Danielle Caswell

There is a place called Holy Grounds Coffee Shop. It exists here on our campus. In fact, it is in Dirlam Lounge of Smith Chapel. Obviously, people know we serve coffee, but what they do not know about is the behind-the-scenes story which is quite incredible if you take a few moments to learn some facts:

-It was created in 2001.

-It is non-profit. All money raised is reinvested into the coffee shop.

-The coffee shop is a hospitality ministry of Smith Chapel and RLC, but it is not a funding source for RLC as the coffee shop is non-profit.

-We purchase equal exchange and fair trade coffees from around the world. Our purchases support small-farmer co-ops and sustainable farming methods.

-It is managed by an Undergraduate Assistant (Coffee Shop Manager), thus the position is open once a year to all students.

-The baristas are all volunteers comprised of students, staff and faculty.

To learn about all these facts in greater depth, visit us at the first ever Holy Grounds Coffee Shop Open House on Wednesday, March 9 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.