Humans vs. Zombies returns to Simpson


by Kelsey Hagelberg

It’s time for another game of Simpson College tag. Humans vs. Zombies will be overtaking Simpson’s campus again.

The concept of the game is relatively simple.

“The humans try to survive and outlast the zombies’ attempts to turn them into more zombies,” junior Christian Samuelson said.

The only defense for humans is to throw socks at their opponents.

“Any zombie who is hit is stunned, meaning they cannot be involved in the game for 15 minutes,” junior Ryan Edwardson said.

Zombies who have not eaten (turned a human into a zombie) in 48 hours starve and are eliminated from the game.

The game begins on a Sunday where the first zombie, otherwise known as the original zombie, is infected with the virus. Monday is the most enjoyable and easiest part of the game, but from there things just get interesting.

“Tuesday is the day when things really pick up, and then from Wednesday on it is challenging for everyone,” said Nick Proctor, professor of history and Humans vs. Zombies faculty adviser.

Since more humans get infected, the population of zombies quickly rises. The distinction between the humans and zombies are signified by the placements of their bandanas.

When humans are turned into zombies it is as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

“For one thing, you are not as anxious about having your brain eaten,” Proctor said. “For another, you get to eat the brains of your friends and colleagues.”

For some previous players, being a zombie is more fun than being a human. Anyone on campus is encouraged to participate in this semester’s game.

“Last semester about 10 percent of the student body played the game,” Proctor said.

Hopefully the turnout for this spring is twice that.

“I went into it expecting nothing special at all, but I didn’t want it to be over when it was time at the end of the week,” Samuelson said.

The game has a history of getting pretty intense.

“The game ends at the end of the week with a final mission where the last remaining humans have to defend a designated area for a set period of time, usually 15 to 30 minutes,” Edwardson said.

There is not a set winner in this game, but to be the last ones standing is an honor.

“Humans who survive the whole game get a heaping helping of honor,” Proctor said.

Even though the group said that the game will begin on a Sunday, the start date for the new Human vs. Zombies is yet to be determined.