Future of Tri Delta house unknown

by Tyler Utzka

The future for Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) sorority house is in question as destruction of the Brenton Student Center approaches.

Kent Campus Center is expected to be built very close to Tri Delta’s existing house on North C Street.

“We’ve been having conversations with the sorority and nothing is for certain as to what the sorority will decide,” said Jim Thorius, vice president and dean for student development.

Simpson has been working with both architects and Tri Delta to propose a satisfying option.

The architects for the new center are working on an option that will work for the center and Tri Delta,” Thorius said. “The new center is to be built closer to C Street which may come close to the house.”

Plans for the house and student center are still being discussed.

“Unfortunately we don’t really know what we are doing when the new center is built,” said Abby Heim, junior and president of Tri Delta. “The alumni are taking care of it and we aren’t supposed to really talk about it because things change so often and things aren’t permanent.”

Thorius agrees with Heim.

At this point it’s hard to give out information about this topic because plans are not set in stone,” Thorius said. “Things are still being worked out, but what I can say is that the Tri Delt’s will be living in their current house this fall.”

Simpson is trying to keep the best interests of the sorority.

“We’ve been in full contact with Tri Delta,” Thorius said. “We don’t want to invade their house with this new building, we want the best possible option for Tri Delta and the new center. With what has been proposed earlier by the architects it seems as though the new center will obstruct the house from view. Plans are still being reviewed on this problem.”