Tea Party to take America back to her roots

by Kristin Richert

“We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union”; these are familiar words to any American past the first grade. How these words are perceived is a debate that has rocked this country for almost three centuries.

The way things can be observed is definitely in the eye of the beholder. There is nothing more prevalent to this point than the debates between Republicans and Democrats in Washington. For the past few decades now Congress has gone from a body of people with slightly differing opinions to an all out battle between ideologies of the two parties. That is where I begin today, with the most radical, political, grassroots movement in recent history; the Tea Party.

Most people will recall from their history classes, The Boston Tea Party. This event was in opposition to, what early Americans thought and what is taught to this day, a tyrannical government. This is where the Tea Party gets their name, in remembrance of those who stood firmly in their beliefs for a future free America. That is where the platform of today’s Tea Party begins. Although, not an official political party, the Tea Party is widely recognized as the up-and-coming “new party” in politics.

There are many websites, books, and even political rallies going on around the country in support of this “new party.” One even took place here just a couple weeks ago, featuring Sarah Palin as the key-note speaker. I had the opportunity to go to this rally and was widely impressed with the way the Tea Party platform was established. There are 10 core values of The Tea Party; those include such values as: reducing the size of government, eliminating excessive taxes, and significantly reducing the national debt. The Tea Party is based off of an understanding, of the constitution, that government is to be kept as small as possible and allow the states and people to govern themselves.

I write here today as a person who is in approval of the Tea Party and their mission for small government. I will agree that the current government does many beneficial things for college students, grants for new buildings, student loans, and help to those who are less privileged. Now, these are all great things, don’t take me wrong, but I feel the alternative would be better and actually allow more people to attend college and further their education.

If we spent less money on taxes (and who wouldn’t enjoy paying fewer taxes?) we could pay for more things, which would in turn stimulate the economy and establish a more stable economic standing. This is in opposition to the current policy where it is deemed necessary to pump more money into a very unstable economy, which only makes our national deficit grow more out of control. With the upcoming election the Tea Party is attempting to reverse all the damage and take America back to her roots; what is so wrong with that?