Our View

It’s a stressful time of year for all of us right now. We have test planning to do, professors have paper grading and there’s always the fun extracurricular activity that needs to be planned.

Ideally, homecoming should have been a good break for all of us. Should have been being the key words of that sentence.

We all know that the Campus Activities Board (CAB) spends countless hours in the planning of homecoming. That’s something to be thankful for.

Without that patience, we wouldn’t have some really awesome events like Yell Like Hell, but providing a stretch limousine and dinner at a steakhouse to the homecoming court?

We’re not condemning the homecoming court, by any means. They earned that spot. They were voted in to that place by the student body-those who participated in the vote at least.

So, we say congratulations to all that were selected to represent Simpson College-give them some sort of crown. Oh wait, they get that already.

CAB gets its funds from the Student Government Association (SGA) budget, which comes from the student activity fee. For those of you who haven’t been paying close attention to your bill, that student activity fee that SGA is using comes from your tuition dollars. We are intelligent enough to understand that this fee has nothing to do with Simpson’s overall budget.

The money spent to take a small portion of campus out to dinner and for fancy limo ride could go to funding different groups on campus, making a campus-wide activity better or even helping to fund the new campus center.

So, students, I hope you appreciated paying for the homecoming court’s limo activity and steak dinner.

Dinner and a limousine appear to be a waste of the student activity fee.

So, what portion of the money that SGA allocates to CAB for homecoming goes to the celebration of homecoming and how much of that money goes to “congratulate” the students who represent Simpson for a week? Why not congratulate the students that make this campus what it is during the rest of the year?

A crown is enough.