Our View

We are SC.

This is something everyone has heard over and over again in the athletic department this year, but what exactly does that mean?

Last weekend, Storm football defeated Wartburg by making up 17 points in the fourth quarter in an upset that was far from being predicted.

By now, most of campus has heard the story of how the attempted extra point by Wartburg was blocked by a facemask. What else could have happened to romanticize this game even more?

The Storm continues to roll out onto the field every weekend and give it their all. This game against Wartburg proves the team is starting to come together and show what Simpson athletes can bring to the table.

Players alone don’t create wins on game day, and the Storm has started to figure it out. The players have finally become a team, and can now proudly shout, “We are SC.”

No one can deny them this honor.

“We are SC” proudly stands for this feeling of togetherness, and has the ability to enchant the entire Simpson community given the chance.

Let’s see what the coming weeks bring and show the rest of the conference what the Simpson football team is capable of.