Our View

Student Development has taken a heavy blow in the past week with three staff members hitting the road to success – away from Simpson.

We have the highest hopes for everyone leaving and know that they are moving on to bigger and better careers, but can only speculate on the real reason that they’re leaving.

Most have said that they have offers of advancement and learning in the new jobs they have taken. Why can’t Simpson offer that?

If faculty and staff haven’t gotten a pay raise, how can we expect anyone to stay?

The administration can’t claim that students will not feel the effect of budget cuts.

The workload for these positions will fall to other staff members in Student Development – with no pay raise.

Unless someone steps up and trains destination leaders or as SC director, who is going to help the new freshman next year?

But wait, why would anyone step up if there isn’t a pay raise or at least a bonus involved with being SC director? Currently, the SC director is given extra money to go to professional conferences during the year – money that usually only covers the cost of a single trip.

We know times are hard for everyone, but we need qualified staff and faculty to have a successful college. Without some kind of incentive to attract qualified people, or keep those we already have, what will Simpson’s long-term prospects be?