CAB responds, still working for students


by Andrew Dexter

This is a response to the “Homecoming funding follies” article in the Simpsonian about the funds CAB “misused” for homecoming week.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) used less then one percent of its budget to fund the homecoming court dinner, 0.6 percent to be exact.

To say that homecoming week was ruined for students because of this one thing is unreasonable. CAB did not take funding away from any other homecoming event to make the homecoming court dinner happen and in fact did the opposite. CAB made improvements to Yell Like Hell, the Starting Kickoff and added Dance Like Hell.

We did not handle the homecoming court dinner any differently than the year before or the countless number of years that the homecoming dinner has taken place.

Throughout homecoming week, the selected court is responsible to attend certain events and act and dress appropriately. They are expected to be places at specific times. It’s because of all of these things that a crown isn’t enough.

This dinner, however, does not just recognize homecoming court, but the homecoming committee as well, which spent unimaginable hours planning, organizing and executing every single detail of homecoming week. We should be thankful for the hours the committee dedicated in order for everyone to enjoy homecoming.

To say that CAB doesn’t recognize the student body is completely false. Our events are designed to encourage students to stay on campus by providing fun and entertaining activities.

These events are the reason CAB is an organization. CAB exists to recognize the student body for their hard work and to provide fun activities for students to partake in during the week and on the weekends.

This year more money was invested in the Stand Around, which is solely for the students. We are implementing new activities such as the big screen movies and the Black Light Party on Nov. 4.

All of these events are for the benefit of the students, and to recognize them for all the work they do scholastically, athletically and in extracurricular activities they participate in.

The money that Student Government Association (SGA) has allocated to CAB does not, will not and has not affected any other group from being funded. SGA has funded all of the groups that have come to them requesting money and who have met the requirements of the finance code.

Lastly, if you have opinions or concerns with the way that CAB functions, please come to the meetings to express them with us as an organization. Our meetings are open to all students.

Meetings are at 6:00 p.m. in McNeill in the Pioneer Lecture Hall. Your creative ideas, inputs and concerns are greatly appreciated.

Andrew Dexter is a member of the Campus Activities Board and a sophomore class representative on Student Government Association.