Our View

For approximately three weeks, students get the opportunity to have a somewhat intense study opportunity on-campus for what we lovingly refer to as May term.

Under the new curriculum, however, students are only required to take two May terms, making Simpson College seem (we’re assuming) somewhat like a ghost town.

We realize this is going to be the first year that May term will be an optional course, so it’s a trial year, but the changes that are being talked about and may be implemented seem to be extremely unrealistic.

Potentially moving students around for three weeks of school seems like a frustrating waste of time for everyone involved, and with Simpson’s focus on recruitment and retention, it seems pointless to do this.

Yes, food service will need to change for those three weeks, but with the varying times for the three-hour classes, research and for the people doing job shadows and internships off-campus-how will they realistically change the food service?

Things will need to be changed, we’re not denying that, but it seems that some variables haven’t been taken into account and that some students will be left behind and out of luck.