Don’t overlook past enrollment problems

Congratulations, Simpson. We hear that enrollment is up.

We’re genuinely happy that things seem to be on the uphill climb for the school, but let us take a minute to remind the campus community of something.

It was about a year ago that we reported enrollment was strong, that deposits were up and the school was looking good for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Incase you’ve overlooked it for the last six months; the college hasn’t been doing so great. We’re speculating, but perhaps there wasn’t enough follow-through with those deposits last year or with the fact that the enrollment numbers were up.

Let us take a minute to remind those in charge that the students here are just as important as the ones you’re recruiting. Yes, retention for the freshmen class is strong-but that’s just one class.

Is retention just as high for every other class or will the emphasis remain on the freshmen class?

The freshmen shouldn’t be the emphasis here-they’re only one class-there are three others that need to be considered.

Hopefully follow-through will be enough this year with the incoming class and Simpson will fully bounce back-but don’t overlook the classes that are already here.