Our View

It’s no secret that a few Simpson graduates have been arrested in the last year (three to be exact) for having inappropriate contact with students in the school system.

And as journalists—we were left wondering, ‘what went wrong?’

After working this last week with the education department, shadowing some students and listening to students—we need to make something clear.

It’s not Simpson’s education department. We never believed that there was a flaw in one of our departments, but now we can confirm that the professors in that department are doing everything they can to make sure that the students know the ins and outs of the ethics in the school department.

We cannot overlook that poor decisions have been made by those three Simpson graduates, but we need to stress that this is not Simpson’s fault.

Outside of those three graduates, others in the education department who have gone on to graduate have gone on to win prestigious awards, such as the Iowa Teacher of the Year award.

So if people insist on pointing fingers (which we don’t recommend) they need to be pointing them at the wrongdoers. Don’t point the finger at those informing you of the unfortunate events, don’t point the fingers at the department who are working tirelessly to make the students the best they can be—remember who’s working hard to better the students, and who made poor choices.