Our View: Juniors, seniors overlooked

Before we begin, have you read the story about the new meal plan, or at least taken a look at the awesome info graphic?




First, we’re very glad that Simpson isn’t raising the price of the standard meal plan.


However if you’re planning on living in an apartment next year, you’ll be paying an extra $700 per year for the pleasure.


All you Greeks out there will be required to have a meal plan too. We’ve been hearing that the Student Government Association (SGA) has been reassuring everyone that those houses who have their own cooks will be able to petition out of it.


But if the school has gone through the trouble to plan specifically for Greeks, being allowed to opt out seems doubtful. Your cook may be looking for another job come fall.


We understand that the completion of the Kent Campus Center is supposed to provide us with numerous new dining options and Simpson wants to be sure they get used.

But does that really mean that apartment dwellers should have to pay another $700 on top of the extra that many of them already pay depending on which building they live in? Or that those living in Greek houses should be required to have a meal plan?


Yes the meal plans we have now are flawed and yes the new plans have some good aspects but are they really what will work best for the student population?


We think not.