Prepared for future – check


by Robyn Ruggles

What is my perspective on being a graduating senior? I am super excited.

I am starting to get nervous. But I do know it will be an adventure.

I am a list person; everyday I make a few lists. Right now I have two major lists: things to do before graduation and dreams, hopes and things to do after graduation. Slowly, I am crossing things off of my things to do before graduation list.

Cap and Gown ordered…check. Senior finale…check. Exit interview for loans…check.

I have a feeling that the next six weeks are going to fly by.

First adventure on the list: graduation. This in itself is exciting and makes me a little scared. I can hardly believe that it has been four years already.

I am finishing two majors and a minor; I studied abroad in Argentina and am now asking the question what is next? I am excited to be finishing with classes, homework and finals.

Still the question of what is next? I am a criminal justice and Spanish double major, I work in a juvenile residential treatment center and I love my job. I have a pretty clear picture of what my ultimate dream job would be: wilderness rehabilitation for juveniles, a.k.a., taking juveniles on outdoor adventures (backpacking, camping, kayaking, etc.) as a form of rehabilitation.

I know what I would like to do. Check. Not so easy. Right now there are very limited job openings in this field, and for the one that I want, applications are not accepted until April, and the position would not start until September.

Next begs the question, what to do in the mean time? Plan an awesome adventure? Get married? Or both? Check.

A long time ago I decided that my graduation present to myself, and one of my life goals was going to happen this summer: climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I will be traveling to Africa in June in hopes of summiting one of my favorite mountains on the planet, and then going on a safari just for fun.

Then in August I will be marrying my best friend. So I have a feeling that I will be keeping busy with planning until then.

That is as far as my plan goes, which is kind of nerve racking. I have no idea where we will be living, or what we will be doing. This should freak out a list-making person like me, and some days it does.

But I look at life as an adventure. As much as I want to plan everything out, I have to also respect that I am not in control. God has a plan for my life and right now I do not get to know what everything in that plan is.

With whatever I do, and where ever I end up, I know that I will be OK. The Simpson Experience has prepared me.

I have been involved in different organizations that developed my leadership skills and also taught me how to work with other people. I have been given the opportunity to do a few internships, which have helped give me the experience needed to enter into the workforce.

The difficult course loads and being involved in activities has forced me to learn time management and how to work hard.

Slowly, I will figure some things out, but until then I have to enjoy everyday, stay strong, walk by faith and keep the love.

Robyn is a criminal justice and Spanish major with a minor in exercise science. She’s involved in Students Against Sexual Assault, Habitat for Humanity and Religious Life Community.