Our View: SimpsonConnect good for students

by Editorial staff

It’s no secret that networking is the best thing to happen to our generation since the birth of Facebook—when Facebook was pre-professional use.

SimpsonConnect is now the latest and greatest thing to happen to those of us who are networking fools—and let’s be honest, if you’re not networking, best of luck when you graduate.

SimpsonConnect allows those of us still at Simpson to connect with alumni who may have connections to internships or job opportunities in certain fields, and who says no to that?

Career Services is always there to assist us with cover letters, resumes and the job search and when SimpsonConnect is up and ready to go, this will be another way that they’re willing to assist the students to get us ready for the real world.

Simpson has always had strong alumni connections, and this is just another way of proving how strong our college is and will remain.