Our View

Simpson College’s Student Government Association (SGA) has funded six of the larger student groups on campus, and has around $55,200 left to spend in its operating budget.

But don’t expect that money to sit around long.

Funding requests from active student groups are continuing to roll in, said Student Body President JoAnna Freeland. Well-organized groups such as the Environmental Awareness Club (EAC), Sequel and even SGA are still waiting to have funding allocated.

“That $55,000 is going to go really fast,” Freeland said in an interview with the Simpsonian. “There’s plenty of groups that are already asking for more than what they had last year.”

Due to a freeze in this year’s student activities fee, which is paid by students as a part of tuition to help fund student groups and activities, SGA representatives have to remain conservative during budgeting.

Ideally, SGA could reward the college’s most active and growing groups with increases in funding. EAC is one group in particular that Freeland said has seen strong growth.

However, the freeze to the activities fee came as a measure to help control tuition costs. In the face of rising college costs, such efforts are appreciated.

So, while it is unfortunate that SGA has little room to increase funding for groups, it’s now up to student leaders to be diligent with money that is allocated.

If you’re a leader within a student group and have not yet done so, now is the time to begin planning and submitting a budget request to SGA for allocation. Another key, Freeland said, is writing detailed budget requests with strong justifications for spending.

While budgeting is certainly not the most exciting aspect of running a student group, it can have an impact on the year’s success. The events and activities that student groups put on are truly the lifeblood of Simpson’s campus, but none can be put on without solid planning.

It would be a shame to see any decrease in such activities because of one lean year of funding.