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Students Should Support CAB’s effortsSimpson College’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) is set to host rock band Every Avenue tomorrow in the Kent Center   barring any changes caused by the massive snowstorm expected to hit Iowa today.It’s been promised to be a big event, and will be held in the Kent Campus Center’s Black Box theatre. If everything goes right, it should be an event comparable to Yell Like Hell, says Sarah Harl, assistant director of student activities. “Honestly, if you think you’ve seen anything out of the Black Box, you haven’t yet,” Harl told The Simpsonian. “It’s something that, with the exception of maybe something at Yell Like Hell, you’ve literally never seen on Simpson’s campus before.”And it only comes at a cost to students of $3 per ticket if purchased in advance ($15 the day of the show). So why wouldn’t you want to be there?Yet, throughout the year, Simpsonian reporters have covered CAB concerts that have had a low student turnout.Simply because of its size, Friday’s Every Avenue concert is already expected to have a bigger attendance. Harl says ticket sales for the show are doing well, though perhaps “not as crazy out of the park as you would hope.”Still, it would be unfortunate to see CAB spend all that money and time producing a major concert, only to have it poorly attended by students.That’s why it’s important that you buy a ticket and get out of your dorm room on Friday night to see the show. Don’t fall back on the old excuses we’ve heard from students on the topic; the typical “But I’ve never heard this band before” or “It’s not my style of music.”It’s not as though you won’t get your money’s worth from the band. Every Avenue has been playing since 2003, with three studio albums under their belt.They’ve played on the popular Vans Warped Tour. They’ll deliver a high energy, quality show well worth the price of admission.It’s also not a huge time commitment – everybody can spare a few hours on a Friday night to see live music.Perhaps you’re still not sold simply because you wish Simpson could get bigger and more recognizable bands. It’s a request Harl says she’s familiar with.But instead of just giving the idea lip service, it’s important that students go out and support the acts Simpson does bring in. Prove to CAB that live music at Simpson is a worthy investment, and they’re likely to continuing bringing in better acts.