Opinion: Why I believe in Bruce Braley

by Molly Monk

Iowa politics are kind of like Iowa weather. You never really know what’s about to go down. Unlike the real forecast, the political forecast is something where your input actually matters.

Iowa is a swing state and every vote is important – especially in the upcoming Senate race between Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley. The outcome of this election impacts the control structure of the Senate and has huge implications for what direction Iowa’s future will take.

I’ll be backing Bruce, because quite frankly, he is looking out for me. Like most people at Simpson, I’ve taken out loans and I’m counting on there being a thriving economy once I graduate so that I can get a job to pay them off.  I want to have healthcare that isn’t determined by my boss’s religious beliefs, and I want to know everyone else has that opportunity as well.

Iowa is a beautiful state and I want it to have an environment that reflects that. Bruce Braley is working to create a future where this is all possible. He fought to keep student interest rates low instead of allowing them to double last year. He supports the Clean Water Act, unlike another candidate, and is working to keep Iowa’s environment as clean as possible.

Bruce is the guy that Iowa and our United States Senate needs. He has my vote and I hope he has yours too.