Our View: Recent fraternity scandals do not reflect Simpson Greek Life


The video that recently went viral from the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity drew controversy not only to their chapter, but also arguably to much of the Greek community.

The Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at Penn State is currently suspended after police obtained nude photos of women posted to Facebook by members of the chapter.

These are only two examples of the many incidents Greek chapters across the nation have been in trouble for. We must also be reminded that a name affiliation doesn’t mean every chapter operates the same way.

At Simpson College, if you’re Greek, you might be used to defending your sisters or brothers, saying your chapter isn’t like the one at another school, where its reputation might be tainted. Those who aren’t Greek sometimes defend the chapters on campus when others criticize them.

And rightfully so. The Greek community here focuses on philanthropy, alumni relations and achieving academic goals.

  • The Tri-Delta house partners with St. Jude’s Children Hospital annually to raise money with cancer research.
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma spent hours volunteering at the Best Buddies Fashion Show helping participants with makeup and hair.
  • Pi Beta Phi recently collected and donated 20,000 new books for Des Moines children. They also partner with local elementary schools each year and maintain pen pals to help increase literacy rates.
  • It’s not just the sororities making a difference. The fraternities also embrace volunteering and leadership.
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon gained local media headlines a few years ago with their tradition of going to small town football games to cheer them on – win or lose.
  • Alpha Tau Omega has Freezin’ for a Reason annually, braving the cold temperatures to raise awareness and funds for
  • Kappa Theta Psi only exists at Simpson, but their work has reached people outside our state. When Hurricane Katrina destroyed areas of Louisiana and Mississippi, members organized a denim drive to collect old jeans that would be created into insulation for new homes.
  • Lamda Chi Alpha is always there when freshmen move in to Simpson, helping host a bonfire to make campus feel like home.

There may be some problems the Greek communities will continue to face across the nation. But we ought to step back a bit and not generalize.