Republican presidential hopeful treats Indianola with Halloween visit

by Bill Hitt, Special to The Simpsonian [email protected]

Carly Fiorina was no tricks on Halloween night when she visited Indianola to speak and answer questions at the local activity center.

Local residents and seven Simpson students attended the event, which began with a spaghetti dinner as Fiorina made her rounds to meet attendees before she spoke.

“I am really grateful to the people of Iowa because you take your citizenship seriously,” said Fiorina in her opening words. “As Iowa caucusgoers, you don’t much care about the polls or the money. You want to look candidates in the eye.”

Fiorina was consistently at the bottom of the polls until her memorable performance in the first GOP debate, despite being at the “kids’ table.” She made it on the big stage for the next two debates but still finds herself lost in the middle of the polls. Although Fiorina makes headlines for her controversial views on Planned Parenthood and feminism, the event focused on other issues.

The first question of the night was from sophomore Nick Laning.

“As a young Republican, the main issue that will affect my generation is the national debt. We hear a lot of politicians talk about how they are going to cut taxes and they don’t talk about how they will make up for it,” Laning said.

Fiorina answered by saying the two things that can help solve national debt are to grow the economy and cut spending. She also believes the tax code is crushing small businesses.

She claimed the tax code is currently 73,000 pages and should be cut to three. She started her career at a small business and recognizes that is where most Americans get their start so she wants those businesses to thrive.

Another question thrown at the presidential candidate was about religious freedom. Fiorina answered by saying the government cannot discriminate against anyone. She went on to say that as president, she would remind people that this nation is under God.

“Faith gives us qualities that make us better leaders. We should celebrate faith in this country,” Fiorina said. “Prayer and faith are helpful because they make us think about something bigger than our own little problems.”

She closed by emphasizing the country’s need for someone who understands that leadership requires making tough calls. She believes this position requires someone like her who knows economy, world leaders and technology.

Laning, who follows Fiorina, is impressed with how she answered the questions. He believes she is qualified, despite many people who claim her past at HP discredits her.

“College students should look into Carly because she is someone who has not been in Washington her entire life but she still has the proper experience to lead,” Laning said. “Many people think she is just a former HP CEO, but she has also served as the chair of the CIA Advisory Board, an advisor to the NSA, and negotiated worldwide business deals with national leaders.”

Senior Erin Webb attended the event because she wanted to become more educated about political campaigns this year. This was the first event she has been to with a presidential candidate.

“Since Simpson College and Indianola try very hard to get politicians to come and speak to students, it is the best way to stay educated about the elections,” said Webb. “I came back from the event agreeing with some things she had to say and disagreeing with some things. I look forward to researching more candidates and figuring out what I want from the future president.”

Laning takes advantage of many political opportunities in town and tries to keep educated with the candidates. He went to the event supporting Fiorina and left feeling the same.

“The Saturday event drew me in even more to the idea of Carly as our next president. She is the first candidate, of many that I have heard, to actually answer the questions asked of them,” he said.