Des Moines man arrested after high-speed chase through campus


by Amelia Schafer, Editor-in-Chief

Authorities have arrested the man who led police on a high-speed chase through campus Wednesday night. 

Jacob Charles Fairman, 25, of Des Moines was arrested on Wednesday night and charged with Felony Eluding, Possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamines) and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to an Indianola police report. 

Officer Johnathan Scott said in the incident report that Fairman was apprehended after crashing his Suzuki Road Bike at Skate South in Des Moines.

According to the police report, Officer Scott initiated a traffic stop on Fairman for going 82 mph in a 65 mph zone in the 3000 block of N. Jefferson. The bike failed to yield to Scott’s emergency lights and continued to flee the scene, traveling southbound on N. Jefferson at 100 mph. 

The Bike turned Westbound on E Euclid Ave. and continued to run the stop signs at East Euclid St. and N Howard St. as well as W Euclid St. and N Buxton St. 

Senior Hannah Spencer was walking towards the Station Square Apartments when she saw the cyclist drive down Euclid Ave. and into the east parking lot by Wallace Hall.

Two taillights were broken off during the police chase through campus on Sept. 22. (Amelia Schafer)

“I heard a loud noise, and I looked up and saw a police car fly by,” Spencer said.

Student Shane Maglio was outside of Wallace Hall when he spotted Fairman driving through the parking lot.

“This motorcycle came flying out the parking lot, and then just came through here, to the left, [by Kresge Hall] then the cop followed it,” Maglio said.

A bollard was broken outside of Pfeiffer Dining Hall after the chase. (Amelia Schafer)

Fairman drove around campus and between Pfeiffer Dining Hall and Kresge Residential Hall before turning right and heading towards the baseball field.

Broken taillights and small metal and glass fragments could be seen in the parking lot between Wallace Hall, Dunn Library and the Barker Residential Hall.

A bollard was also damaged outside of Pfeiffer Hall.

After running the two stop signs, Fairman continued to travel westbound onto a sidewalk on campus. The bike then turned Southbound driving through campus beside the football field. 

Fairman proceeded to run numerous more stop signs, taking the police on a chase around town before speeding out of town and taking Highway 65/69 towards Des Moines and into the Skate South parking lot, where he crashed and was arrested. 

Deputy Noah Smith assisted Scott with handcuffing Fairman and searching him. 

“Fairman stated the reason he was running was because he does not have a motorcycle license,” Scott said in the police report. 

While searching Fairman, officers found a loaded needle that tested positive for methamphetamine and a clear plastic bag containing a white crystalline substance. Officers also located a glass smoking device with drug residue. 

“I searched J. Fairman’s wallet and found approximately 1 gram of a powdered substance consistent with the characteristics of methamphetamine inside one of the pockets of the wallet,” Officer Treyton Nixon said in the report. “I then searched the backpack and found a syringe in the left side pocket. The syringe was full of a clear liquid substance. I field-tested the liquid and it came back positive for methamphetamine. Laying next to the backpack was a red glove with a clear meth pipe inside. Officer Scott logged these three items and placed them into evidence.” 

The incident is being handled by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

*Updated Sept. 25 at 11:10 a.m.