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SCTV 4/10/2024
by Aaron Wilkins and Sam HyingApril 10, 2024

Spencer Waugh is running for Iowa House District 21 as a Democrat
Spencer Waugh running for office
by Kyle Werner, Managing Editor & Social Media Manager • April 10, 2024

After 13 years at Simpson and 25 years in the education field, Spencer Waugh hopes to add another experience: the representative of Iowa House...

“Bodies Bodies Bodies”: Spoilers Ahead
“Bodies Bodies Bodies”: Spoilers Ahead
by Chloe Peck, News Editor • April 10, 2024

Although it has been two years since the movie's initial release on March 14, 2022, the horror/comedy “Bodies Bodies Bodies” has been trending...

Kiya Koda Humane Society: A lifeline for Simpson College and the community

Photo submitted to the Simpsonian
Kiya Koda is a centerpiece of many Simpson student’s experience.

In the heart of Simpson College’s hometown lies a beacon of hope and compassion: the Kiya Koda Animal Shelter. Nestled amidst the businesses on Jefferson, this sanctuary serves as a haven for four-legged friends in need and plays an integral role in the Simpson College community.

Founded with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals, Kiya Koda stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of its staff and volunteers. The non-profit, no-kill shelter has many Simpson volunteers and adoptees.

For Simpson College, Kiya Koda is more than just an animal shelter — it’s a pillar of support and an embodiment of the college’s core values. Students, faculty, and staff alike actively engage with the shelter through various initiatives, fostering a culture of empathy and service within the campus community. Junior Kylie Rae Torres, has volunteered many hours at the shelter for service hours and just for fun.

“I volunteered for my Wesleyan Service scholarship, and I chose to do it at Kiya Koda because it was a boost of serotonin to be around animals and give them much-needed attention,” she said. “I volunteered during finals week so it helped me with the stress of exams, and in return, I helped out the non-profit by just spending time with the animals.”

One such initiative is the ongoing volunteer program, where students devote their time and energy to caring for the shelter residents. 

Whether it’s walking dogs, socializing with cats or assisting in administrative tasks, these volunteers play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of the animals and the smooth functioning of the shelter. It is quite easy to volunteer with just a simple form on their website.

Beyond the campus borders, Kiya Koda extends its reach to the broader Indianola community, offering various services and programs aimed at promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, the shelter actively advocates for the well-being of all creatures, great and small. On their website, their mission is “to find loving, safe homes for these precious pets.”

The shelter has been the source of many Simpson students finding a pet for their time at college. 

A first-year student, Jeri Eisbrenner, adopted their furry friend from Kiya Koda this past semester. Eisbrenner started out volunteering for the shelter as well when they unexpectedly bonded with Sybil, the cat.

“Whenever I would play with her, she would fall asleep in my lap, and whenever I had to leave, she would scream at the bars of her cage,” they said. “I was already searching for an ESA [emotional support animal], and everything just worked out perfectly for us,” they said.

However, the journey of Kiya Koda has not been without its challenges. 

Like many non-profit organizations, the shelter grapples with limited resources and relies heavily on donations and community support to sustain its operations. Despite these challenges, the unwavering commitment of its supporters and volunteers continues to propel Kiya Koda forward, ensuring that its doors remain open to those in need.

As Simpson College continues to uphold its commitment to service and community engagement, Kiya Koda stands as a shining example of the profound impact that a compassionate initiative can have on both individuals and communities. 

Through its tireless efforts and unwavering dedication, the shelter not only transforms the lives of animals but also enriches the fabric of Simpson College and the greater Indianola community.

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