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   Going into the season, Worth knew he was close to breaking the records, and while he made it a goal for the season, he said it wasn’t the whole purpose of the year.
Reed Worth: Going down in record books
by Abby Hintz, ID Magazine editor-in-Chief • November 29, 2023

Fifth-year senior Reed Worth broke not just one but two Simpson records during his time on the Simpson College football team. Worth will go down...

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Review: Is the new Hunger Games worth the Watch?
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SCTV 11/22/23
November 27, 2023

Go ‘Into The Woods’ with Simpson Productions this weekend

Photo courtesy Simpson Productions
Cade Clark as Little Red, Max Myers as Jack, Olivia Di Bari as Cinderella and Aaron Scholes as Cinderella’s Prince.

The famous production by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, Into the Woods, will be making its debut at Simpson College on Nov. 17. 

   Musical Director, Kyle Naig, gave his thoughts on what the theme of this show is. “The position of chosen family and biological family and how those influence the characters both positively and negatively,” Naig said. 

   There are two different halves to the show, with the first and second acts being very different. 

   “At the end of the first half of the show, everybody gets their wish and live happily ever after. The second part of the show is a more realistic take as to what would life really be like if you got everything you wanted,” Naig said. 

   These two themes are just a part of what a musical director must juggle as they are responsible for coordinating the production. 

   “In my view, the fun part about being the musical director is really getting to dig into how the music is interwoven with the text, along with helping singers learn their part,” Naig said. 

   Maxwell Wearmouth-Gweah, who plays the role of the Baker in the play, explained what he most enjoys about being a part of this play.

   “It’s really fun getting to see everyone’s story kind of unfold and then merge together. Also, just being able to see the character growth the Baker experiences throughout,” Wearmouth-Gweah said. 

   Wearmouth-Gweah will be sharing the stage with the character known as the baker’s wife, played by Jillian Wells.

   “Kyle has allowed me to make my own version of the Baker’s wife. He was always there if I needed help or direction. I think that his kindness and professionalism and willingness to work with us has been a huge part of this process,” Wells said. 

   Wearmouth-Gweah shared similar beliefs when it came to how it has been to work with the musical director. 

   “Kyle has been super chill. I really enjoy the fact that if we do make a mistake, he gives us a way to fix it without scrutinizing us. I have enjoyed working with him a lot,” Wearmouth-Gweah said.

   The praise was not only limited to the director, as Wearmouth-Gweah expressed his liking for working with the entire cast.

   “We all mingle really well and fit together. This has just made the entire process really fun,” Wearmouth-Gweah said. 

   Naig expressed a goal that he has for the production in terms of learning for the cast regardless of prior experience

   “The goal going into this was that whether it’s their first show or their 15th, everybody takes away something. That can be a new skill, a new approach, a new role, whatever it is, just be something to put in your back pocket to use going forward into the next thing,” Naig said. 

   The show will run from Nov. 17-18 at 7:30 p.m. and Nov. 19 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $20.00 for adults, with Simpson students being able to get in for free. 

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