Simpson Alum receives emerging leader award

 Seth Lampman earns Simpson Colleges emerging leader award.

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Seth Lampman earns Simpson College’s emerging leader award.

by Kyle Werner, Staff Reporter

If you are a resident of Indianola, you may have met Seth Lampman, this year’s recipient of the Simpson College emerging leader award.

Lampman, a graduate of Simpson College in 2008, settled down in Indianola with his wife, Emily, who is also a Simpon alum, and their two daughters, Elliot and Olivia. 

“We liked the size of the community,” Lampman said. “We liked the idea that it’s a town that has a small private college in it. Most small communities don’t have that luxury. So, this was a place we chose to live and to eventually raise our family. Then, later on in my career, I decided this was the place I wanted to build my business.” 

In 2015, he did just that, opening ClearPath Financial, but he didn’t stop there. He decided to devote himself to the Indianola community, as well. 

“It was a no-brainer for me to try to be more involved locally since I live and run my business here,” Lampman said. 

He has worked with the YMCA Board of Directors, the Indianola Rotary, the Indianola Chamber of Young Professionals, Helping Hands, his church, the Indianola Schools, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund and, of course, his alma mater, Simpson College. 

One of his nominators stated, “I grow more and more impressed with his strength of character, his love for community, his desire to help people and his heart to make a difference. He represents what Indianola should stand for.”

While being a Simpon alum is not required to receive the award, Lampman fits the bill and fits the mission statement of the college: “Through innovative learning opportunities, individual student attention, and an unwavering commitment to inclusive educational access, Simpson College cultivates a diverse community of learners to lead lives of meaning and purpose.”

Part of leading lives of meaning and purpose is making a difference in the communities in which we live,” said Andy English, the director of alumni relations at Simpson College. “We believe it is vital to encourage young leaders to impact the Indianola Community, and this award is a way to recognize those individuals or businesses that are fulfilling this role with the hopes of empowering other young people to do the same.”

Another of Lampman’s nominators said that he is genuine, intelligent, joyful, optimistic and faithful. 

“He is a man of great character,” the nominator said. “I’ve also known him to face a variety of obstacles in his professional and personal life, and he is the rare person with the confidence to be vulnerable in the face of adversity, the faith to see and believe in the other side and an aptitude for finding a path to get there.”

“The award was created to recognize individuals under the age of 40 who demonstrate leadership, vision, service and involvement within the Indianola Community and the surrounding region and have established a reputation of character and trust for others to emulate,” English said. 

Simpson College President Marsha Kelliher agrees that Lampman fits the bill. “His trustworthy nature and honesty served him well as he built a successful business from the ground up, establishing his place in the Indianola business community,” she said.

His involvement in the Indianola community and his bold initiatives, both professionally and personally, have allowed him to establish strong roots and relationships in Indianola, at Simpson and beyond.