Newly elected: Scout & Scott


Sophie Reese

Scout Peery and Scott Krueger have become the newly elected Student Body President and Vice President

by Taryn Bertini, Staff Reporter

In December, students on campus elected juniors Scout Peery and Scott Krueger as the new student body president and vice president.

The pair is looking to give back to the students on Simpson’s campus while in their respective positions and also want to build their skills for the future.

Peery previously served on the student senate for the Student Government Association (SGA) while Krueger served as sophomore class president last year and was a student senator his freshman year.

“I took this position because I’ve been involved in numerous organizations and clubs around campus and I’ve been hearing numerous student voices,” Peery said. “I was really interested in seeing multiple perspectives and bringing it to the table for discussion for Simpson as a whole.”

Krueger enjoys meeting in smaller groups to discuss topics more in-depth and is looking forward to sitting in on more small executive meetings while he serves as Vice President.

“I really want to see Student Government get more involved on campus and do a lot more outreach to people,” Krueger said.

Both Peery and Krueger agree that communication needs to be improved between students, faculty, and administration to achieve the level of transparency they believe will improve the atmosphere on campus.

Krueger explained how he feels Student Government has somewhat failed the students on campus in the past by not being more engaged and not being as transparent with what is going on within the organization.

Peery strongly encourages more students to attend SGA meetings as they have a right to, and to speak up about issues they are dealing with. 

“I would really love to see more students come to SGA with questions, comments, or concerns. I think a lot of the Simpson community doesn’t truly understand the power students hold in these discussions that are happening,” Peery said.

Peery and Krueger are excited to start their new positions and serve the student body the best they can to improve campus life for everyone.

One thing Peery has found interesting is how closely all of the positions work with each other, students and faculty. She also agrees with Krueger about the deeper insight they gain from attending faculty meetings.

“You get to see so many more perspectives that SGA doesn’t typically encounter, so seeing that all is pretty fun,” Peery said.

The new president and vice president are eager to get started on their roles and hear from students on issues they face to help make campus a better place. 

Peery and Krueger are always available for people to reach out to about issues within SGA or even just to talk.