Simpson softball celebrates 50 years


The 2023 softball team puts in the work for their 50th season.

by Chloe Peck, Staff Reporter

Simpson softball debuted in 1973, marking the upcoming 2023 season as the program’s 50th anniversary. 

With softball season just around the corner, the players are gearing up for what’s to come.

Senior pitcher Taryan Barrick said, “every year, we have pretty similar goals: conference champs, nationals, things like that, but the best thing about this team is that every single year since I started, I have seen us progress.” 

The overall advancement of the softball program in the past 50 years has been noteworthy. In 1973, they played only eight games, going 4-4 on the season. Each year, the program plays more games and gets more wins.

“I don’t know much about the history of Simpson Softball,” Barrick said. “But I am very honored to be a part of this program, and I owe a lot of thanks to those women who made it possible for me to be here today.” 

With offseason practices already up and running, Barrick is both excited and nervous to begin the end of her softball career. 

“It’s sad to say goodbye to a sport that’s been so special to me, but I’ve already said goodbye to other sports I played in high school, so I know what to expect,” she said. “And who knows, maybe I will be back here in another 50 years to celebrate 100 years of Simpson softball.” 

During homecoming week, the current team welcomed back seven players from Simpson’s original team, along with 13 other alumni from various years. 

They held an alumni game, a firework show and a tailgate to celebrate and honor the program and its players. 

“The alumni game was more so to get them swinging bats again and just to get out there and remember their college years. Some of them haven’t done this in 50 years,” Barrick said. 

Softball, like most sports, is a special piece of many players’ lives, even after half a century removed from the game. 

Senior Zoe Baker said, “I have held onto some of my closest friends from playing softball. I thank my mom every day for gifting me this talent and allowing me to play the sport I love so much. I’m not ready for the day I say goodbye.”

So what’s it like for these young players to look into the future for a moment and wonder what their lives could be like in 50 years? 

“It was definitely a weird feeling to picture myself in these past players, but at the same time, it made me feel really proud of where I’m at now,” Barrick said. 

Baker added, “I think it’s great to be a part of 50 years, and I hope this program will continue to progress in the next 50. Perhaps we’ll see a lot more banners in the next couple of decades.” 

With Simpson adding new sports the same year others celebrate their 50th anniversary, it puts time into perspective for many athletes. 

You may only spend a short four years here, but the college will remember you forever.