NEW Everyday App


Sam Hying

This app is easier to manage and could help reduce lines in Kent.

by Sam Hying, Staff Reporter

What if there was a way to order lunch while sitting in class, so when you finished class, you could walk to Kent and pick up your meal… Well, get your phone ready to download the new Everyday app!

Simpson is out with the old (Bite) and in with the new (Everyday). This app is easier to manage and could help reduce lines in Kent. As students get super busy with classes, work, or clubs, it can be time-consuming to wait in a long line for your food.

Maybe you forgot your card back in the dorm that’s on the completely opposite side of campus. No worries, you can connect your phone to apple pay or google pay, or you can connect your student ID.

“Anybody can sign up for it as long as they use the code that’s on the fliers, which is 9421,” Dining and Conference Services General Manager Ben Nielsen said.

The app has already been implemented as of two weeks ago, and Nielson hopes to have a table set up in Kent to help students. There may also be prizes for those who go. The app does offer its own reward system, you’ll earn points with eligible purchases, get exclusive offers, and see special promotions on featured items.

“We did a couple of tables, and I’ll do some more to get the word out and give away some free stuff. That’s always fun,” Nielsen said.

The old Red Mango will be turned into a new express pickup spot for online orders. This will be great to keep Kent less congested.

The Bite app was having many problems, with both students and faculty alike experiencing issues. Many students weren’t aware of the app or even how to use it. The Bite app also didn’t support every food venue in Kent, but now you can order on the Everyday app.

“The Bite University app wasn’t very user-friendly, and we were always running into issues with it,” Nielsen said.

Everyday offers the ability to choose healthy options that are right for you. You can see which dishes are healthy, vegan or vegetarian. Not only will it show healthy options, but it will highlight allergens, so those with allergies are able to watch what they eat.