Are iPads worth the cost?


by Kendra Campbell, Staff Reporter

Having an Apple computer throughout my studies, the primary question in my mind was if I needed an iPad.

After months of contemplation, I decided to go for it.

I was shocked by the prices when I looked at books for the Fall 2022 semester. With my luck, there were rarely any rental or used options anywhere. I looked at Amazon, and there was a cheaper version for a Kindle book. I was quickly upset because I thought I needed to have a Kindle for those cheaper options. Then, I discovered the Kindle app where I can download these books!

My next problem was that I like to take notes and highlight the text when reading; I could not do that if I downloaded it to my laptop. Thus, the idea of getting an iPad came into play, and there happened to be a great deal going on! This was a big financial decision for me, but when I compared my costs of books to the iPad and eBook combined there was not much difference. I decided to buy it. Now, I can download books for a fraction of the price and both highlight and write in the margins of my lightweight, portable iPad.

I strive in my academics by using the visual learning style. One big thing for me is repeatedly rewriting my notes or study guides to learn the material. In the past, I went through 10 notebooks a year. I felt like that was a little excessive. With my new iPad, I found that once I rewrite something, I can either delete it or can use endless sheets.

With the iPad, you can get extensions such as a keyboard or an Apple pen to make it more than just a tablet. The connecting keyboard transforms the iPad into a laptop within seconds. The Apple pen helps with creating organized notes while note-taking.

Sometimes, I doodle a little bit when I get overwhelmed. Why not have a study tool and a stress reliever in one? The iPad created a wonderful outlet for relieving stress. The Apple pen creates a great stylus for the better artists out there. Sadly, I cannot say I use this creative outlet with the iPad for fantastic art. However, the doodles I draw on the iPad look slightly better than on paper. Plus, it is easier to erase your mistakes.

I am a big fan of watching Netflix in bed. However, in college, when everyone is on different schedules, including roommates, it is hard to just turn on the tv while others are studying, sleeping, etc. I could watch shows on my phone, but the screen was small. Therefore, the iPad is the perfect size to get cozy in bed and watch some TV. Of course, my easily connectable Air Pods do not disrupt anybody else.

The iPad paves the way for lighter and cheaper books, note-taking, drawing and relaxation. With all the benefits the iPad has given me within the first two weeks of school, I cannot see myself without it.