Fresh Out of High School: Fall brings a 4.2% increase in new students to Simpson College


Caleb Geer

A smaller campus also offers students the opportunity to know their professors personally and feel comfortable with smaller class sizes.

by Ariel Clark, Staff Reporter

Investments into new programs bring a 4.2% increase in first-year and transfer students to Simpson’s campus. Four new athletic programs and the esports team influenced recruitment the most.

The revamping of the senior application generation campaign and the sophomore and junior search program has also led to an increase in new students. A smaller campus also offers students the opportunity to know their professors personally and feel comfortable with smaller class sizes.

Leigh Mlodzik, vice president of enrollment, felt as though the past year was just the beginning of future recruitment initiatives. In an email, Mlodzik states, “A great deal of momentum was built over the course of the year, and I am excited to see how this momentum helps us to achieve future goals.”

Mlodzik hopes students take advantage of the various opportunities that the college provides. From extracurriculars to student organizations both in and out of the classroom, there is an array of options to engage in. No prior experience is needed to join these activities.

First-year student Christopher Olds came to Simpson to major in history and minor in business. From Louisiana, Olds chose to come to Iowa for a change of scenery. “I just wanted something different, something new,” Olds said.

He feels as though the campus has been very welcoming upon his arrival, and he likes how close everything on campus is.

Olds views the personal connection with professors to be a pleasant surprise as he feels “less of a student and more of a peer” when engaging with them.

Students attending Simpson can find various activities to partake in. Clubs range from helping specific majors or those interested in a subject to a supportive environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community and other minority groups. Students can also look into sororities or fraternities. Campus Activity Board (CAB) events also provide a variety of engaging activities for students to attend in order to get out of their dorm and have fun with social interaction.

Ben Wilson, a first-year student residing in Barker, arrived from Missouri after being recruited to play football. Being welcomed with open arms and a relaxed atmosphere, Wilson decided to begin his college career at Simpson. He plans to major in physics engineering. “I figured if I took a harder major like physics, I’d be challenged enough to try,” Wilson said.

The small campus also appeals to him since it is possible to walk everywhere, including to classes. Taking the advice given to him by his dad and others, Wilson is “excited to see where the road takes me with Simpson.”