Counseling center brings on new hires


by Abby Ludwig, Social Media Editor

Simpson’s counseling center is signing on new members this year, with Ashley Parker as a full-time counselor and Ana Davis Evans as a part-time intern.

Jenny Vargas, the head of counseling at Simpson, explained the hours of all three counselors.

Evans, who will be graduating from University of Northern Iowa in the spring, is interning part-time. She will be available Mondays and Tuesdays and for half the day on Wednesdays. 

Vargas and Parker will be full-time and will be available in four 10 hour shifts, making the counseling center’s hours 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Vargas will be available on Fridays 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

 Vargas said that Simpson had the full-time position open since last October. The hiring came as no surprise and was much needed.

“We’re just bringing more people on because, you know, we need more counselors. One was not enough,” Vargas said.

Parker is from Des Moines, Iowa and attended the University of Iowa. She has been working at Broadlawns Medical Center for a year in Community Mental Health Services. Parker has worked with college students before and says she is excited to watch students “grow and learn to ‘adult’.”

“I’m passionate about working with clients who are figuring out how to reparent themselves and heal from relational trauma,” Parker said.

Parker went on to say: “My goal is to help my clients discover their own power to learn, heal, and grow from adversity in order to find peace, connection, and purpose.”

Parker said her strengths when it comes to counseling are being creative, collaborative and she doesn’t get offended by swearing.

Vargas said Evans is really familiar and comfortable with grief and loss.

“Whether it’s like loss of people or relationships, that is an area she really enjoys and is very comfortable in. She has worked a lot with folks through different transitions.”

Vargas says the easiest way to schedule an appointment is through the counseling services email. 

“We check it and then one of the questions we ask is if they have a preference and if they do they can absolutely say who they would like to meet with.”

If you are in an immediate crisis and need support, Simpson College Counseling recommends calling the 24-hour crisis line at 844-258-8858 or texting 800-332-4224.