Review Story: Peter Parker? No, Nathan Drake


by Desmond Alexander, Staff Writer

Lucas? Peter Parker? Nope, now Tom Holland’s name is Nathan Drake as he lands another lead role in the 2022 film, “Uncharted”. 

The film, which was reenacted by the past three “Uncharted” video games, gave insight to the young protagonist Nathan ‘Nate’ Drake. In the video game, which involved numerous cutscenes with dialogue, the story consisted of climbing, disputes and intense scenery, all of which the user would play. Each game was a follow-up of the previous, leaving audiences to believe the video game was a movie. With the England native being in the acting world for a little over 12 years, “Uncharted” directors believed there was no one else that could play the young adventurous Nathan Drake role other than Holland. 

Tom Holland was first noticed on the big stage back in March 2010, where he was chosen to act the lead part in the fifth anniversary of “Billy Elliot” the musical. Holland’s performance was so stellar that singer Elton John said he was stunned by Holland’s acting talents. Two months later, Holland successfully landed a role in the 2012 film, “The Impossible”, which was based on the true events of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Earning worldwide praise for his work, he was granted numerous interviews regarding his astonishing role in the 2012 film. 

Shifting to his recent era, Holland has not only secured the spot as Peter Parker in the 2016 film “Captain America: Civil War, but has lived up to the expectations of previous actors. The first actor to play Peter Parker, Tobey Maguire, stated how he was ‘blown away’ by Tom Holland’s abilities right after the two appeared in their first scene together in the film.

The 2022 film “Uncharted” featured not only Holland but other noticeable actors such as Mark Wahlberg and Sophia Ali. Holland and Wahlberg would team up in this film considering Wahlberg’s character, Victor Sullivan, has a big impact on Nathan Drake, considering how he saves his life. With Sophia Ali acting as Chloe Frazer, the three superstars dive into the miraculous lives of the main characters. The film leaves numerous audiences and critics wondering what all the directors will include that’s in the game. While Tom Holland brings many fans to the ticket booths just by being the superstar he is, “Uncharted” players will be taking a stroll down memory lane.