Editorial: A message from your fellow housing neighbor


by Reagan Hoffman, Staff Reporter

I have been living on Simpson College’s campus since my freshman year, and there are both positives and negatives with living on campus. My freshman year, I was so excited to get to experience the “dorm life.” But, after living on campus for three years, I am tired of dealing with the constant commotion. 

Throughout my three years of living on campus, I have realized that the students living in housing are just not respectful. Listening to constant banging, stomping, yelling or music at any time of the day is not enjoyable.

You do realize that other students live around you, right?

Maybe you realize and just do not care; or, maybe you forget. But I am here to remind you that nobody around you wants to listen to whatever you have going on. And, you need to acknowledge that you have others living around you. 

Just because you have some free time to mess around and make a bunch of noise does not mean that the others who live around you have free time. I like to study in my room and be comfy, but I can not do that when I get interrupted by constant stomping from the room above me or someone yelling at their TV screen because they just lost a game. 

I get it. You’re frustrated. But you do not have to let everyone in the whole building know. 

The whole building also does not want to hear you blasting your music or hear you walking through the halls with a speaker on full blast. If you want to listen to your music that loud, just put some headphones in. Because trust me, no one else around you cares about the music you are listening to. 

Please – and I cannot reiterate this enough – be more respectful of your neighbors. 

Someone may be trying to study, take a nap or just relax, and it would be frustrating for anyone to have to hear unnecessary noises around them. 

Especially when it is nighttime and quiet hours; I, personally, like to get to bed at a decent time and can not sleep when any noise is going on besides a fan. If I do not get to sleep at a decent time it affects everything I have going on. But even the white noise of my fan on full blast does not help me, because I can still hear what sounds like an elephant walking above me. 

Not everyone likes to stay up all hours of the night, and that is why quiet hours are put in place. So please, especially at night, keep the noise to a minimum. 

Just think of how you would feel if you had to listen to others’ commotion all hours of the day while you try to study or take a nap. If you would not like having to hear it, then you need to consider the noise you make and how others feel about it. 

Now, the weekends are a different story. I am fine with whatever happens during the weekend because, obviously, we have two days off from classes. 

But please during the weekdays, when we all have classes to deal with, be respectful of the others around you.