Community members trick-or-treat with Storm athletes


Sophie Reese

Caleb Vasconez plays tennis with kids who attended Trick or Treat with Athletes

by Jenna Prather, Staff Writer

The director of athletics introduced a new Halloween tradition to Simpson’s campus this year that allows Simpson athletes to interact with the kids of Indianola.

The Athletic Department held an event on Oct. 31 – Tricks & Treats with Athletes. The event was held in Buxton Stadium where athletes were able to give out candy, play games, dress up and interact with the Indianola community.

The idea was brought about by the Director of Athletics Marty Bell, who had a similar tradition at the school he worked at before Simpson.

“Our young people always look up to student athletes,” Bell said. “And this gives them a chance to come onto our campus, meet some of our student athletes who are great role models and spend time with them. So, they can come trick or treat in their costumes, and the parents come, they can get autographs and can interact with the players.”

It also gives Simpson athletes a chance to show their faces to the larger community, showing the kinds of athletes that Simpson has and how they are more than just a jersey number. 

“I think it’s a great thing for our student athletes to know that there are people out there that support them. We’re trying to bring more people in because I think we got great kids and we have great people here. And we need to promote that. Get out and let people know that and it can really impact young people,” Bell said.

In past years, Simpson has done a similar event, called Safe Block, where kids walk through the residence halls to trick or treat, but since COVID-19 is still a concern, this is a safer and just as fun alternative.