Staff Spotlight: Kimberly Roberts

by Shelby McCasland, Staff Writer

Recent Simpson College graduate Kimberly Roberts has returned this fall as part of the college faculty.

Roberts graduated from Simpson in the spring as part of the class of 2021 where she majored in Marketing Communication. She held work-study and undergraduate assistant roles in admissions during her time as a student. This role was something she had worked towards for much of her college career.

“I fell in love working as a student ambassador and with the work that Simpson’s admissions counselors were doing,” Roberts said. “ So, the spring of my sophomore year I decided to change my major from elementary ed to marketing communications. I told my supervisors I was going to work for Simpson when I graduated.”

Roberts had planned to attend grad school this fall but when a position opened, she took the chance. Roberts started at Simpson as an admissions counselor on Aug. 9.  After being so set on grad school all summer it was a surprise to many that she took the position. 

“To say that everybody was surprised would be an understatement. I was so set on going to grad school so for me to take the leap of faith and apply was huge. All summer it had been about me leaving, but once I told them everyone knew I would do this,” Roberts said.

Roberts shared that the most rewarding part of being a counselor is being able to share how Simpson impacted her and personally connect with students by leading them through the admissions process. 

“I get to share how Simpson changed my life. All of the internships and opportunities and friends. I love to share because I can tell them that Simpson can do this and so much more for them,” Roberts said.

Roberts has taken her work as a student into the professional world, upgrading her job from a student admissions worker to a professional in the admissions department. 

“As someone who has worked in the office for so long, and now getting to work on the staff side, it is amazing to be able to continue with the relationships I had. A big part of Simpson is the relationships, and I am so glad I can continue those as if I never left,” Roberts said.

Roberts oversees the Southeast Iowa, Eastern States, Midwest States and Southern States recruitment territories.  The only downside for Roberts so far has been the amount of travel and not being able to meet with prospective students on campus.

“It is hard to travel alone. We spend four or five days in an area visiting all of the high schools and college fairs. You go from seeing your second family every day to getting in a car and going to all of these high schools,” Roberts said.

Roberts shared that she is excited to see all of the hard work pay off and be able to start in her dream job so soon after college.

“It sounds cliché, but I am doing my dream job already.  I’m getting to do something I have worked so hard for and getting to live the life that you always thought you were going to and I am actually getting to. It’s my turn, these are actually my students and my connections.  It will be a rollercoaster of emotions but so worth it when I see the class of 2026, the students I recruited, graduate.”