Multicultural BBQ kicks off events for the year


Alyssa Whitham

The annual multicultural BBQ brings together students of all cultures, backgrounds, and demographics.

by Alyssa Whitham

For the past 18 years, with the exception of last year, the Culver Cultural Center has put on the multicultural BBQ to celebrate culture, enjoy good food and spread its mission. 

“The mission here at the Culver Cultural Center is to pass on inclusivity, promote multiculturalism and be welcoming of all people of all demographics,” said senior Steven Cruz-Castro. 

Both Walter Lain, Assistant Dean of Multicultural and International Affairs, and Cruz-Castro believe these events are important to spread awareness to the student body and educate them. 

“I think it’s really important for this campus and all campuses to accept people from all different cultures and backgrounds,” Cruz-Castro said. “It’s important to have these multicultural centers, so then they have a place for people that might not feel at home.”

The BBQ usually gains a lot of attraction, and they see a good amount of people coming to enjoy the music and food. Lain said they continue to see better attendance numbers and more people getting involved in the center every year. In fact, when asked about first-year involvement, Cruz-Castro said this year is the biggest group of first-years engaged than he’s ever seen. 

In addition to the increased involvement, the Carver Cultural Center and other multicultural groups like ISO are putting on other events and activities this year. The two groups have a lot planned for Latino Heritage Month. On Sept. 15, they celebrated Mexican Independence Day with food, drinks and music; they plan to host many other similar events. 

One of the most impactful activities they plan to do this year, and have for the past four years, is to raise money to help support children down at the border in Juarez, Mexico. Children in that area have a hard life and haven’t been fortunate enough to experience holidays such as Christmas, so the center and other multicultural groups hope to do fundraising to send money, toys and anything else they might need. Lain said if they raised enough, they would like to take a trip down with the gifts and give it to them in person.