Summer housing allows students access to variety of summer jobs


Students like junior Laura Nielsen have been finding internships close to Simpson’s campus for great experiences and optimal housing. Photo submitted by Laura Nielsen.

by Alyssa Whitham, Staff Reporter

Whether it’s work opportunities or internships, students prefer to stay close to Simpson or stay on campus when looking for employment during the summer. 

With Simpson College being so close to the Des Moines Metro area, students have better work opportunities if they stay on campus over the summer rather than going home. The summer is a perfect chance to gain internship credit, obtain experience through different jobs, and work to get money for the upcoming semester. 

Students like Laura Nielsen, a junior, have taken this summer as a chance to get an internship and gain real-world experience for their future careers. Nielsen will be interning as a Project Manager at WebSpec Design in Urbandale, Iowa. 

“I was looking for an internship in the Des Moines area because I knew that I wanted to live here this summer instead of living at home,” Nielsen said.

Tierney Heffron, a sophomore here at Simpson, is also excited about her opportunity being so close to Simpson’s campus.

“I wanted a job in the Des Moines area but still within commuting distance of Indianola so that I had good housing options,” Heffron said.

 Heffron will be working as a Zoo Camp Counselor at the Blank Park Zoo to earn some money and diversify her resume with something completely different than what she has done in the past. 

Another benefit students have found to internships close to campus and during the summer is they usually start right after May term, which is perfect for college students just coming off the three weeks.  

Nielsen’s opportunity will start the third week of May term, and Heffron’s job will begin just shortly after May term has ended. Many students enjoy summer internships and jobs because it allows them to keep themselves busy during the summer and gain great experience without worrying about it while earning an education. 

While staying close to Indianola offers excellent advantages for college students, others find job opportunities near home. Nielsen is planning on working at her job back home during the weekends when she isn’t at her internship. 

“It’ll be pretty easy to come back and pick up a shift on a Friday or Saturday night sometime when I want to come back and earn some extra cash,” Nielsen said.

The opportunity to make more money is often too hard for college students to pass up. That’s why students like Nielsen pick up two jobs during the summer or pick up a job with an internship to make money while also gaining real-world experience in their field. 

Students overall have decided that staying close to Simpson is the best option for extraordinary internships, good-paying jobs, and a cheap place to live during the summer before the next semester starts.